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Durango, Iowa 52039

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Daryl or Sandy Klein

Gun Show Rules

  • All firearms brought into the gun show must first be checked by show security personnel and be unloaded and tied (with a gun tie making the weapon inoperable) at all times during the show attendance.
  • No loose ammunition (unboxed) is allowed in the gun show.
  • No cameras, video recorders and/or other such devises are allowed in the gun show without prior approval by management.
  • No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or other such substances are allowed to be brought into the gun show by attendees.
  • TSP, Ltd. shall have the right to evict and/or have arrested any gun show attendee for disorderly conduct, intoxication, or any other such actions.
  • All gun show attendees shall comply with all Iowa State and Federal Laws in the sale and/or purchase of firearms and related items as a condition of admission to the gun show.